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Cyber-Insects in the CAVE

Cyber-insects appear most impressive in special virtual reality equipments like the CAVE. The CAVE is a multi-person, room-sized, high-resolution, 3D video and audio environment. Images are projected in stereo onto three walls and the floor, and viewed with stereo glasses.

As a viewer wearing a position sensor moves within its display boundaries, the correct perspective and stereo projections of the environment are updated by a supercomputer, and the images move with and surround the viewer. To the viewer with stereo glasses, the projection screens become transparent and the 3-D image space appears to extend to infinity.

In the CAVE you can stand near a 10-yard cockroach or a grasshopper. You can even get swallowed by a grasshopper and find yourself in its abdomen. But the abdomen is empty because our cyber-insects have no internal organs yet. Our next project will be to add internal anatomy to some of the insects.

Alexei Sharov 06/16/1998