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Stereoscopic Insect Images

Stereovision is based on separation of images perceived by left- and right eye. Images can be separated by shutter-glasses or by passive polarized glasses. Shutter-glasses close your left and right eye in turn 60 times per second or faster. They are synchronized with computer via infrared transmitter. In passive polarized glasses, right and left glasses are polarized in different directions. They are used in large 3D theaters that have a special polarized projector.

To view these stereoscopic images you need a DepthCharge plug-in and shutter-glasses from VRex. At this point, shutter-glasses work with Windows-95 and Windows-98 only.

Flea images (scanning microscopy)

A tracheomite (parasite of honey bees)

Alexei Sharov 01/08/1999