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How to view 3-D insects

Hardware requirements

All 3D applications require intensive memory use. If you have less than 32MB of memory, some applications may not work properly. For best results use 64MB of memory or more. Another important factor is a fast video card. We suggest using a video card with at least 4MB memory. The best option is to use cards with 3D graphic accelerators.


Plug-ins are additional programs that enhance the performance of your web-browser. Most plug-ins can be downloaded from the web for free. Read carefully installation instructions provided with the program. Some plug-ins may be distributed together with the web browser (e.g., the new version of Internet Explorer has a built-in VRML viewer). In this case you don't need to install them. To view 3D insects you may need the following plug-ins:

Cosmo Player for Windows
and Macintosh
- free

Note: Cosmo Player may fail to locate the browser automatically during installation. Thus, after installation, you may need to copy file npcosmop211.dll to the "Plugins" folder in your browser manually.

WorldView for Macintosh
WorldView for Windows
- free

Viscape for Windows
- free
QuickTime for Windows
and Macintosh

- free

Stereo VRML
3 Space Assistant 3.0
for Windows-95 and 98

- free demo

Stereo JPS images
Depth Chardge
for Windows-95/98

- free

To view stereo-images you also need shutter-glasses from VRex. The VR Surfer Web Pack from VRex priced at $49.95 includes everything you need (glasses, transmitter, and software).

Alexei Sharov 06/16/1999